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Yurts Kits For Sale With Free Shipping & Custom Upgrades


The Mongolian Yurt has humble and nomadic routes but it has recently been a major player in the Off-Grid and Tiny Home movements. It is clear to see why when you look at how easy it is to set them up, how portable a yurt is and of course how affordable they are. You couldn't buy a home for the price of a Yurt, that is for sure.

Just because the SimpleTerra yurts are affordable and offer so much value that doesn't mean you have to live without all the comforts of home. Some of our yurts are large enough for several bedrooms, full kitchens and multiple bathrooms. Just about anything you can put into a house, you can put into a Yurt house.

While most people think of living in nature in a yurt, there are plenty of other uses as well. At SimpleTerra, we have a specialty line of galvanized steel yurts that are perfect for any event. Whether you are having a family reunion or a 300 guest wedding, we have a yurt for you.

A Few Other Uses of the SimpleTerra Yurts

  • AirBnB Rentals
  • Guest Houses
  • Art Studios
  • Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Garages
  • Cottages or Cabins
  • Weekend Retreat Homes

This is just a few of the uses we have seen our home yurts used for. These yurts are very flexible and would work for just about anything you can think of.

Yurts for Every Occasion

Yurts for Every Occasion

Live The Life Of Your Dreams With SimpleTerra Yurt Homes

Yurt Homes come in a wide range of sizes. Whether you and your partner are just looking to create a romantic forest getaway or you have a family of 6 and want to give them a fun, simple life, we have a yurt that fits your needs.

All of our yurt homes are constructed with durable, high quality aluminum and use bamboo crossers for additional support. As well, they have 4 layers of heavy duty fabric that ensures your yurt is waterproof, well insulated and of course, stylish. Similarly, all of our yurts can be customized, so you can get creative and build the yurt of your dreams.

Moving your family into a yurt home can be scary and you will probably have a ton of questions about how this can possibly work. That is perfectly normal and we are here to help. Simply call the helpful yurt life experts at SimpleTerra and they will happily walk you through everything you need to know. We can be reached during normal business hours at: 844-739-2989.




Our Most Popular Home Yurts


The Perfect Event Yurts For Your Magical Day

Whether you are planning the wedding of your dreams or just want to create a quiet space to get away from it all and focus on your painting, SimpleTerra's event yurts are the solution for you. We have a wide range of durable and portable event yurt tents that can easily hold 5 people or up to 300. The choice is yours.

All of our event yurt tents are made of high quality, galvanized steel, so they are extremely strong and can handle that little bit of weather Mother Nature throws at you during your next perfect event.

With the patented Easy-To-Assemble system, it has never been easier to build your event yurt tent. The smaller event yurts can be setup quickly in a few hours. The mid-size yurt tents will take a little longer - 24 to 48 hours+, while the super large yurt tents will take a team and some time but the system makes it very simple to install.

Whatever event you are planning, it will be better with a SimpleTerra Event Yurt



The Most Popular Event Yurt Tents


SimpleTerra Yurts Have Features That Everyone Is Raving About!


4 Layers of Protection

All of the SimpleTerra Yurts - whether large or small - come with the patented 4 layer protective canvas system. This system will protect you from the elements while also keeping the yurt cool or warm depending on the season.

The 4 layers included are:


Waterproof Outer Canvas

This is the colorful canvas that everyone sees. It is made of a thick gauge, waterproof material to keep the rain and snow away from the inside of the yurt

Plastic Vapor Barrier

The next layer of protection is a thin sheet of plastic vapor barrier. Any moisture that seeps through the outer layer will be stopped at this vapor barrier level.

Insulation Layer

This thick cotton layer of insulation is what will keep your yurt at the perfect temperature. Keeps the heat out in the summer and the heat in during the cooler months.

Silk Inner Wall

The final layer is the eye-catching silk cloth that drapes the inside of the yurt. This elevates the style of your yurt with a very fashionable wall cover.





The Easy-To-Assemble Yurt Frame System

The beauty of owning a SimpleTerra Yurt is being able to easily setup and take down your yurt whenever you please. With our Easy-To-Assemble system, you can put our smaller yurts together in a few hours. Some of the larger yurts will take longer but it is still simple to build.

The video on the left shows just how easy it is to assemble one of our yurts using the simple snap and screw process.

Not only is it easy to build the yurt but the frame is also durable, strong and will hold up well for years to come. We only use thick tubes and tracks that are both anti-corrosive and anti-rust to ensure that your yurt lasts well into the future.


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